Woman takes over cinema to propose on Leap Day

Woman takes over cinema to propose on Leap Day

Aneliese Rix decided to take advantage of the Leap Day this year, by following tradition and proposing to her boyfriend, Matt Philpott. She went all out, and took over a cinema in Gorleston (in Norfolk), England.

The big screen proposal took over 14 months to plan and prepare for, as Rix had prepared and filmed a special video to play on the movie screen. “I have had late nights working, when in reality I’ve been filming for the video,” she told Eastern Daily Press.

“We are a bit of a unique couple and I wanted to do something different,” she added.

On the evening of the proposal, the couple headed to the cinema. Philpott was under the assumption that they would be watching the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Instead, Rix’s homemade movie, titled “The Missing Thing”, played on screen.

Apparently, Philpott had no idea what was going on, until he saw his girlfriend on screen. “He didn’t twig, until I appeared on the screen, ” said Rix.

As the realisation set in, a ring bearer walked down the cinema aisle and handed a ring to Rix. She finally got down on one knee and proposed and of course he said yes!

The rest of the audience in the cinema, who happened to be about 60 of their closest friends and family, cheered and applauded. Some of them had all snuck in through the back of the cinema to surprise this lucky groom-to-be.

About the entire evening, Rix said: “It was very special with lots of tears – a very, very emotional moment – and thankfully he said yes.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

Image: Facebook / Aneliese Rix 

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