Why Somhale opted for an 'unplugged' wedding

Why Somhale opted for an ‘unplugged’ wedding

One of the most anticipated South African weddings of the year, the Somhale white wedding, recently broke the internet as fans excitedly awaited photos and videos. However, very few images taking us into the wedding actually appeared. Many were surprised to find that the social media-loving couple actually banned guests from bringing their phones to the wedding.

Explaining the reason behind their choice to have an ‘unplugged’ wedding, Idols SA judge Somizi Mhlongo says that he wanted their guests to live in the moment.

“So when we decided to tell our wedding guests via Invites that there will be no phones or cameras allowed beyond the venue gates I’m sure most of them had a mini heart attack thinking how they are gonna get through the day without their phone,” Somizi wrote on Instagram. “The main reasons for that was so that people can engage with each other. Can enjoy every moment with their naked eyes. But also for us as grooms to have exclusive privacy of our day until everyone can get to witness it on @showmaxonline from the 24th February 2020.
We were also very considerate towards our guests as we gifted them with @instaxsa cameras to capture special memories for themselves.”

Fans will get the chance to see the Somhale wedding in all its glory. The wedding will be broadcast in a 4-part special on Showmax, premiering on February 24.

Feature image: Instagram / Somizi

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