Which veil length is right for you?

Which veil length is right for you?

Veils are not made equal. From fabric and length to fullness and style, every aspect of your wedding veil can make or break your bridal look.

With thousands of veils to choose from, it can easily feel like an overwhelming task. However, there are ways to refine your search. These are the key veil lengths and the looks they suit best:

The birdcage:

For a vintage flair, opt for the birdcage veil. This short veil often features stiff netting or mesh that covers just the forehead and top half of the face. They are usually fastened to pillbox hats or headbands.

This veil looks best for brides wanting a more vintage, throwback look. It pairs especially well with tea-length dresses.


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Fingertip length veil:

For a more classic look, the fingertip length veil is perfect. This mid-length veil stops below the waist and is flattering on every body shape. Not too long and not too short, this veil can be dressed up or down depending on how fancy you want your look to be.

This is truly the jack of all veils. It flatters a range of hairstyles and dresses, so you have endless options with this look. If your dress is quite embellished and dramatic, it may be best to pair it down with a more simple veil. However, a more simple silhouette can be given added drama with a full veil.

Ballet length veil:

One of the most popular veil looks is the ballet length. Also known as the waltz veil, it falls below your hips, anywhere between your knees and ankles.

This look is extra feminine and romantic, and works especially well on petite brides as it won’t drown her out with fabric and make her appear smaller.

Chapel length veil:

Most brides traditionally opt for the chapel length veil, which drapes all the way to the floor and spreads out a few inches behind their wedding dress.

This style is more formal and traditional, making it perfect for brides wanting a classic look.

Cathedral length veil:

This style is essentially the extended chapel veil. It’s usually about 30-60cm longer than a wedding dress, and often requires assistance when laying it out neatly behind you.

Brides wanting a bit more drama but not too much fuss will love this look. It complements ballgowns especially well, adding a special fairytale spin.


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The Royal veil:

It’s clear to see how this veil got its name. Channel the drama of Princess Diana with a bold wedding veil that extends not only centimetres but meters behind your dress. Of course, you’ll need some assistants on hand to make sure it looks perfectly sleek and straight, and that no one trips on it.

Naturally, this veil is perfectly designed to complement a dramatic ballgown.


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