Beauty checklist for your honeymoon

Beauty checklist for your honeymoon

Whether you and your SO are heading for a destination honeymoon or staying local, we’re here to guide you into packing the beauty essentials you need, no matter the weather.


Regardless of where you’re heading, this should be the first beauty item you pack. The intensity of the sun and the effect it will have on your skin can differ from what you’re used to at home. Make sure you pack a broad spectrum formula to make sure you’re covered, no matter the conditions.


If you’re headed to the tropics and know you’ll need a little bit of extra help, rather opt for waterproof make-up to avoid ending up with panda eyes while you’re lounging poolside. Waterproof mascara, foundation and/or concealer and a light brown eyeliner that can double as a brow pencil are you make-up bag staples.


While you’re sipping on cocktails and taking those perfect selfies, you want your lips to look rosy and healthy. Use a lip balm with an added SPF that will leave your lips hydrated and healthy, with an easy touch-up application. There’s nothing worse than uncomfortably dry and chapped lips while you’re on holiday so make sure they stay kiss-worthy and worry-free. Add a striking lipstick for dinner, and voila!


If you’re leaning towards natural make-up looks that require minimal effort, try to pack products that have multiple functions. For example, a lip stain that doubles as a cheek stain (this also has maximum staying power), a clear mascara that doubles as a brow gel, and a shimmery bronzer that you can also use as an eyeshadow. Also look for eyeshadow and blusher/bronzer/highlighter palettes with versatile shades instead of having to pack multiple shades individually.


Most reputable brands offer travel-sized fragrances, which makes going through customs a breeze. Buy one in your everyday signature fragrance, or in your wedding fragrance, to keep you smelling pretty all day. And don’t forget your deodorant!


Be ready for any skin emergency (sunburn, dehydration or blemishes) with a mask suitable to those specific needs. Sheet masks are oh-so-handy and lightweight when it comes to packing. Keep a hydrating or brightening mask in your carry-on for the plane, and purifying and soothing option for the remainder of your trip.


Natural beach waves are one thing, but keeping your hair from looking brittle is another. The same goes for snowier conditions. Humid or dry air can be damaging, so take a treatment or oil with you to treat your hair after washing it. Even better, use a moisturising treatment that can double as a styling product without having to use heat on your hair. No damage involved!


From head to toe, you can find a suitable oil to soothe, treat and nourish your skin, and to get your glow on all at the same time. A versatile oil (especially a dry oil such as rosehip) can treat a multitude of issues you might have. Coconut oil is another all-rounder when it comes to moisturising and can even be used as shaving lotion and make-up remover if you’re in a pickle.


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