Sweet enscriptions to have engraved in your ring

Sweet enscriptions to have engraved in your ring

Having your ring engraved is an excellent way to personalise your engagement ring. It allows couples to write sweet messages of devotion to one another, and keep it close to their hearts.

But what do you enscribe on such an important piece of jewellery? Considering you will (hopefully) wear your ring forever, you’ll want something meaningful to look back on.

You don’t have that much space on a ring, so a shorter phrase is ideal. Here are some cute words to have permanently written on your ring.

Dates and symbols:

– Your wedding date

– The date you met

– Your initials

– Co-ordinates to where you first met

Words and phrases

– I Love You

– Always and forver

– Until eternity

– Never to part

– Perfect fit

– Finders keepers

– Je t’aime

– Better together

– Till death

– I do

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