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9 Websites for compiling your dream wedding registry

If there’s any time at which you need the ease and conveniences of the internet the most, it’s during your engagement. Planning the big day is stressful enough so it only makes sense that when putting together your gift registry, you’d want to get the job done in the least laborious and time-consuming manner possible. These nine sites offer you the convenience of picking out wedding gifts without having to leave home.

1 Bespoke Wedding Registry

Registry Websites

Launched by a Londoner, Bespoke Wedding Registry aims to fill the gap in the South African market for customised gifting. With a selection of homeware and kitchenware sourced from prestigious brands, including the namesake collection of world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver and local ranges Ardmore and Kikoi, you’re bound to find unique pieces that speak to your style. Plus, they offer a service where a group of guests can club together to purchase larger items such as furniture. You also score two free deliveries if you live in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban.

Contact +27 21 448 7155, [email protected]

2 Wrapistry

Registry Websites

Featuring products from a whopping 90 brands, Wrapistry’s offering include items to stock in your home as well as experiences. A variety of memory-making activities from a couple’s cooking class to wine tasting tours is available to add to your wishlist. If you ever feel like changing your mind, that’s no problem – you can do so as often as you like. To save you from the task of guessing who gave you a gift (and which one!), Wrapistry also mails you a list of guests and their purchases. Now, all you need to do is grab that mouse and start picking your favourites.

Contact +27 10 500 7503, [email protected]

3 Banks Kitchen Boutique

Registry Websites

What began as a lively shop in a close-knit community has now expanded to two boutiques and an online store. Apart from displaying their cutting-edge goods, the online store allows you to access their blog where you can discover recipes and browse product reviews. Once your guests have bought your presents, Banks Kitchen Boutique will happily wrap the goods, add a note from the gift-giver and deliver it to your door – all on the house. Customers have raved about this convenient outlet and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Contact +27 21 461 3190,

4 Yuppiechef

Registry Websites

Voted South Africa’s best online store, you can rest assured their registry service is effortless. Not sure where to start? Navigate to the ‘Starter Collection’ tab to get an idea of what you’ll need to fill your first nest. Given our demanding, modern lifestyles, we could all spare a few bucks here and there, and Yuppiechef gives you the option of sending discount vouchers to three loved ones. However, if you do spot a pricey item you love, you can make it yours by swapping a few less expensive pieces for it.

Contact +27 861 702 4969, [email protected],

5 Carrol Boyes 

Registry Websites

Named after its internationally esteemed owner, this lifestyle brand specialises in premium homeware products. When creating your registry with Carrol Boyes, you have the option of selecting your goods online or enjoying a personal consultation with an assistant in a brick-and-mortar store. Once you’ve done so, your choices will be listed and placed online for your guests to seamlessly purchase what they please. If you want to return any duplicates, be sure to check that they are in the original packaging and in tip-top condition.

Contact +27 21 424 8263,

6 Granny Goose

Registry Websites

With your mattress covered in fluffy pillows and duvets from Granny Goose, a producer of top-quality bed linen, you can luxuriate in deep, peaceful slumbers night after night. Apart from their bedding products, you can find Le Creuset cookware and Riedel Glassware items at their stores. To easily inform your guests about your registry, Granny Goose will provide you with little cards to insert into your wedding invitations. If anything wasn’t bought, you can get it at 10% off. What’s more, they’ll hand you a special thank-you gift for choosing them as your vendor.

Contact +27 860 388387, [email protected]

7 @home

Registry Websites

As South Africa’s prime shopping location for sophisticated homeware, you simply can’t afford not to enlist the registry service of @home. Head to the ‘Customer Favourites’ page to make sure you don’t forget to add any must-buys. In addition to a selection of top-notch products, you’ll receive a gift card worth 10% of the value of all your guests’ purchases. To keep this value updated and to record the buyer of each present in-store, remind your guests to notify the @home sales assistant that they are purchasing an item for your registry.

Contact +27 860 576 576, [email protected]

8 Boardmans

Registry Websites

Couple’s who have an Edcon Group Thank U loyalty card will enjoy all the benefits of the programme when they create a registry at Boardmans as you’ll gain 10 times the amount of Thank U points for all the gifts bought at the store. Given that there;s no limit on how many items are added, you could gain an enormous amount of points! These points can then be used to buy anything from Boardmans, or to shop at Edgars, Red Square, Jet, Legit and CNA. Talk about a shopping spree!

Contact +27 860 236 289, [email protected],

MRP Home

Registry Websites

For home decor that’s uber stylish and pocket-friendly, there couldn’t be a better place to shop than MRP Home.Scroll through their ‘Inspiration’ section to view a variety of themes for your home along with a list of products to fit each theme. Although MRP Home offers online and in-store registries, they aren’t interchangeable so let your guest know which kind it is as guests wanting to purchase online for an in-store registry will not be able to do so and vice versa.

Contact +27 800 212 535,

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