Wedding guests made to hike 3 hours to wedding destination

Wedding guests made to hike 3 hours to wedding destination

Who knew a wedding could literally be an uphill battle? This unique couple decided that they wanted to say ‘I do’ on a mountain top, so they made their wedding guests hike three hours to the wedding destination.

Livvy Bruce, 35, and Justin Flitter, 40 from Aukland, New Zealand chose an unusual spot for their December 7 nuptials, settling on the Pinnacles Hut on the Coromandel Peninsula, only a casual three-hour uphill hike away.

“We’ve always done a lot of hiking adventures together over the last three years and when we were looking for venues and ideas, we wanted to do something different,” Flitter explained to Stuff Online.”Everyone thought we were a little bit nuts when we told them we’re getting married at the Pinnacles Hut – it’s a three-hour hike, most of it’s uphill, you’ve got to carry everything in and out, you can’t helicopter in, there’s no proper toilet and there’s no power.”

On the day, the bride simply rolled up her wedding dress and kept it safe in her backpack during the hike.

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Their big day was a collaborative event, where their 60 guests all participated in making the wedding festivities. They brought their own drinks and snacks to create a shared antipasto platter. Luckily, the newlyweds catered the main meal of mexican wraps and salads followed by meringues and fruit.

“It’s very much an effort where everyone has to contribute, everyone is involved in helping to cook, clean, decorate – everyone gets a job to do. Everybody chipped in and that made it really, really special,” Flitter said.

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