Trending wedding bags and belts

Trending wedding bags and belts

Choosing those little accessories that bring your look together can be a daunting task. You might think you don’t have time to search for bags and belts but the devil’s in the details and something seemingly small can make or break your whole look.

Carrying a purse or clutch on your wedding can be super useful for keeping all your necessities together, from lip stick (always need to be photo ready) or tissues (you know his speech will make you tear up). As for belts, think dainty and tasteful with maybe even a sliver of bling for a little (or a lot of!) sparkle.

They’re all the rage this year, and we’ve found the latest trends.

Three bag ideas:

1. The silky clutch

If your style is elegant and mature, a smooth silky clutch will complete the look. Catching a bit of shine, silk is a good option if you want to be subtle yet stylish. And of course, the texture is pleasing to the touch so no scratching or getting caught in your dress!

2. The beaded pouch

Beads can be made into any design or pattern that your heart desires. It is also a fun way to show your creative side, or to match your dress if it has beading on it. Just make sure the beading is done well to avoid it coming loose and spilling beads all over the floor. No one wants to be crawling on their knees picking up beads.

3. The sling bag

Don’t want your hands full? Fair enough. A sling bag is easy, classy and won’t be in your way if you want to be holding your new hubby’s hand. Small links are in, rather than string. It adds an edge and is available in almost any colour.

Three belt ideas:

1. The bow

It might sound old fashioned, but a bow on your dress does not have to be that hideous thing your mom had on her matric farewell dress. In this case, size really does matter and small is the way to go. In no way should it steal the thunder of your dress, but rather add a subtle and feminine tone.

2. The bling

Now, to some people, the word “bling” sounds cheap. Don’t stop reading just yet. If you have a plain design and love simplicity, wearing a diamanté belt will lend some sparkle. No one ever said go over the top. Less is more and your eyes will still be the brightest thing about you.

3. The colour

Want to steer away from the traditional all white attire? Add a splash of colour to brighten up your outfit. You can opt for matching the wedding’s decor theme, or go all out and choose a way different colour to make sure you stand out. After all, on your wedding day, you should definitely get all the attention!
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