Tech and apps for couples separated by lockdown

Tech and apps for couples separated by lockdown

For the couples having a tough time being separated for such a long period, we understand your pain! Being away from your significant other is never easy, and now you have no choice about the matter.

This may leave you feeling down and out, as the distances puts strain on your relationship. Maybe you’re fighting more, or maybe you’re just dying to be by each other’s sides. Whatever the reason, you’re probably looking for some solutions by now! Especially since we’re unsure of how long the stages of lockdown will last, and in which stage we will be able to visit people socially.

To help you ease the longing for each other, there are some apps and devices that you could download or buy (respectively), to help your relationship during lockdown.

Here are some of our favourites, to ensure you’re feeling the love no matter the distance:



For those couples who enjoy leaving little notes for each other, this ones for you. Essentially, the app gives you access to each other’s lockscreens, but not in a creepy way!

It allows you to upload photos, do doodles or write cute messages on your partner’s lockscreen. When they look at their phone, they’ll see the sweet message you’ve left for them. The app is only available for android users.


Just because you’re separated in distance, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a movie together. Rave allows couples to stream videos together, and gives you a chat bar underneath the video for your running commentary.

You can use it to watch Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo and more. If you’re wanting to watch something you own a copy of, upload the video to Dropbox or Google Drive and you’ll be able to watch it together!

Available for iOS and Android.


Using this app, you can see countdowns to all important events in your relationship such as your anniversary, upcoming vacation, or the next time you’ll see each other.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.


A simple app, but probably the most adorable. All you do is shake your phone when you’re missing your love, and they will receive a little vibration on their end. Cute! Right?


Friendship lamps

Similar to the NUJJ app, but with a more visual expression of emotion, a friendship lamp will let you know your partner is missing you. When one of you touches the lamp, the other’s lamp lights up. It will melt your heart to know that you’re being thought of.

Purchase here for R3 109.

Pillow Talk 

If you don’t like sleeping alone, then this device has got you covered. Pillow Talk is a wristband you wear when you sleep, it recognizes your heartbeat and sends it to your partner in real time.

You download the app, slip the band around your wrist, and put the speaker under your pillow, and there you go! It’s like you can hear them sleeping next to you.

Purchase here for R3 512, 96

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