Top 10 summer bridal shower ideas

Top 10 summer bridal shower ideas

Bridal showers can be just one more thing on your already long to-do list. Oftentimes it can be a challenge to find something to do that is suitable for all ages and interests, as this is usually something for all the women invited to the wedding. Don’t be overwhelmed and certainly don’t take on any pressure about it.

If you know you’re being surprised, subtly hint at what kind of get together you would enjoy, or ask your partner to secretly let your maid of honour know what you think would work best.

Whether it’s a surprise set up by your maid of honour or you’re part of the organising, here are some fabulous ideas that will make them exciting and fun for everyone.
1. Moonlight picnic

If your bridal shower is in summertime, wait for a full moon and have a nighttime picnic. Add candle lights or lanterns for a cosy atmosphere.


2. Lawn games

Perfect for outdoor-lovers, have some fun in the sun with games like croquet, bowles, or even water gun fights.

3. Charity event

Sometimes, it’s more rewarding to give than to receive. Why not make a team effort to support a worthy cause? Volunteer at an animal shelter, community centre, make gift parcels for needy kids or visit an old-age home.

4. Dinner and a show

If you like entertainment, watch a show with your besties. Live music, theatre, and even ballet are good options. End it off with some drinks for a perfect night!

5. Bake day

If you’re more in the mood for staying in, why not get the ladies together and bake some sweet treats? Waffles, cupcakes, cookies or brownies are good things to do together.

6. Pajama party

A proper girls night is in order before you get married. Wear pajamas, do facials and share secrets with the women in your life.

7. Foraging

Foraging has become quite popular and is a ton of fun. Take the ladies to see what nature has to offer and appreciate the wonderful flora that abound.

8. Pool party

Poolside get-togethers are great because everyone can choose how to spend the day. Getting your tan on, splashing in the pool to cool down or making fresh drinks by on the side are all on the menu.

9. Perfume making

If you’re feeling experimental, why not got to a perfume making class? Surrounded by beautiful glassware and exotic scents, you will feel like you’re in heaven.

10. Champagne brunch

This might sound so done-before, but that’s because it’s so much fun! Set a table outside or inside, and gather your loved-ones for a festive brunch.

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