Queen Elizabeth sent a slice of her wedding cake to Nigeria

Queen Elizabeth sent a slice of her wedding cake to Nigeria

Queen Elizabeth’s wedding cake earned itself the nickname “the 10 000 mile cake” after many ingredients had to be flown into England. This is because the big day took place shortly after WWII, and rationing was still in place.

However, this nickname has a double meaning, as the cake travelled far distances after the wedding as well.

The wedding cake made for The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh’s 1947 wedding was a2.7 metre, 226 kg fruitcake, which featured four tiers and produced 2 000 slices that went to the wedding guests as well as nearby charities and organisations.

After the big day, one layer was preserved for the future christening of their first child, and another layer was sent to Australia to give thanks for the dried fruit flown in from the area. It has just been revealed that a slice of the wedding cake was also sent all the way to Nigeria.

UK-based charity Lepra, an international charity working to beat leprosy, recently tweeted out that their patron, The Queen,  helped sponsor children affected by leprosy through Lepra’s child adoption programme. She adopted one such girl named Budesta in 1956, thus ensuring she could continue her education and live a life of hope and freedom.

The Queen’s official Twitter account responded and said that she also sent a slice of the wedding cake to the girl guides at the Itu leprosy settlement in Nigeria.

Now that’s a sweet gesture.

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