My pre-wedding skincare routine: A celeb guest blog by Zakeeya Patel

My pre-wedding skincare routine: A celeb guest blog by Zakeeya Patel

These days it’s not just their bodies that brides are getting into shape before the big day. Twelve months before my big day I consulted with several aesthetic doctors for a pre-wedding skincare routine and I absolutely fell in love with Dr Reddy from Medisculpt.

She wasn’t gung-ho to fill or botox me to ‘perfection’ which is why I adored her approach. Instead she analysed my skin and worked out a programme for the year ahead. Yes, I started my skincare routine a year before my wedding (one of the only things I did in advance) and the focus was on my pores and pigmentation.

For the first 6 months I alternated between gentle chemical peels and oxygen facials. In the last 6 months we started the famous Vampire facials, which we did every 8 weeks and the results were spectacular.

The week before my wedding I did an L.O.L facial. This was my absolute favourite! The results are immediate. A L.O.L facial is a Lift, Oxygen and Lights facial. Throughout my whole wedding weekend everyone kept saying, ‘You’re literally glowing you’re so happy’. Honestly, most of that glow was thanks to the L.O.L facial. In truth I was stressed out of my wit, barely eating and definitely not sleeping – all the worst demons for one’s skin.

No matter how good your make-up artist is, you cannot really cover bad skin and no matter how badly I was neglecting my body before the wedding, my skin remained flawless from the work we had done throughout the year.

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