How to cover up acne on your big day

How to cover up acne on your big day

On your big day, the last thing you want to wake up to is a bright red zit on your face. Acne happens to the best of us, and, like taxes, are unavoidable.

From stress to environmental factors and not removing your makeup,  there are many things that can lead to a breakout. Even getting a facial could cause your skin to react negatively as it purges all the bad toxins, which is why experts recommend getting one day before your big day.

If you do have a breakout on your big day, fear not. There are tried and tested methods to cover up these uninvited guests so that the focus is all on you.

Spot treatment

Before covering your breakout up, make sure you’ve treated it to kill off the bacteria. Going in with some tea tree oil on a Q-tip is great to clean the area.

Less is more

It may seem like the best thing to do is cover your skin up with a full coverage foundation, but this will just end up looking cakey and highlighting the texture in your skin. Instead, go in with a luminous, light to medium weight foundation. Remember to pounce the product into your skin using a beauty sponge to remove some excess product. This will create a light and even base layer to build on when you go in with your next products.

Concealer saves the day

Concealer will be your best friend. Spot conceal your breakouts using a small face brush, making sure to lightly tap over the concealer and then blend the edges to feather it out. Tapping motions around the edges is best here. You can also go in with your foundation brush afterward and use the excess product on the brush to help blend the concealer in even further.

If the breakout is quite red and inflamed, go in with a thin layer of a green-toned concealer first then layer the skin-coloured concealer over it. The green will cancel out the red tones.

Remember to set your concealer by going over spots with a setting powder.

Take out texture

If you have a particularly bumpy breakout that stands out on your face, another step is to go in with a full coverage powder foundation, like the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, and push the product onto the skin surrounding the breakout. This will build a more even layer that will make the breakout bump appear less severe.

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