Is it appropriate to propose at someone else's wedding?

Is it appropriate to propose at someone else’s wedding?

With all the love in the air on a wedding day, it’s impossible to not get swept up in it. The stunning venue, the moody lighting, and the delicious food are enough to put anyone in the right mood. Given all the above, it’s easy to see why some people may take this opportunity to pop the big question.

Proposing during someone else’s wedding has been a controversial topic for decades, and continues to polarise the masses.

I give you my blessing

If you are particularly close to the bridal party, it might make the day extra special for them to see you get engaged to your love. Another bonus is that many of your closest friends and family are likely to also be in attendance, which allows them all to share at the moment with you.

Some couples are happy to have someone else get engaged during their wedding, but the key is to have their blessing. It could be quite cute to even have them get involved in the proposal somehow, like having the bride toss her bouquet as a distraction while their partner gets down on one knee behind them.

Hijacking someone else’s special day

On the other hand, however, the day is not about you. When a couple gets married, their wedding day is a celebration of their love. You were invited to honour their love and commitment to one another. The bridal couple likely spent a lot of money to make the day perfect, and their hard work should not be taken advantage of and used as a free stage for your proposal.

The only time a proposal during someone else’s wedding is appropriate is if you’ve been given permission by the couple getting married. If you don’t have their blessing for the proposal, do not do it as you risk upsetting them on their special day. No matter how close you are or how chilled a person may seem, you don’t know how they will react.

You could also create tension with the bridal couple if they are not happy with you hijacking their big day, which could affect your friendship in the long run.

While it’s not pleasant to think about, your partner could still say no to your proposal. Getting turned down in front of everyone during a wedding will definitely ruin the mood.

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