Tips for writing a wedding toast

Tips for writing a wedding toast

Since you’ve been given the honour of speaking at a loved ones wedding, you probably don’t want to dissapoint them. However, as much as a wedding toast is privilage it can also be a daunting challenge.

“There are so many things that could go wrong,” is likely along the lines of what you’re thinking. It seems that wedding toasts commonly take one of two paths. On the one hand they are either extremely memorable and everyone is in tears (of laughter or emotion), or on the other they are disastrous, inappropriate and downright cringe-worthy.

Of course, you’ll be trying your hardest to be the former, rather than the latter. To ensure you’re giving the best toast possible, here are some tips:

– Open with how you know the newly weds 

It will give context to your speech for those who are not aware of who you are, and is generally considered to be more a police gesture.

– Address both partners

Just because only one of them have been through thick and thin with you, doesn’t mean you get to completely ignore the other! They are sharing this special day and you have been asked to share it with them. It would be rude to make it about only one of them.

– Be sure to add personal touches 

Weddings are very personal occasions. The couple and the audience will love hearing your anecdotes and emotions and they will repond better than if you used a generic speech that could have been taken staight of of the internet.

– Things you shouldn’t include

There are some serious no-go’s when it comes to wedding toasts. These are: crude language, inappropriate or explicit stories, and anything about the exes of those getting married. No matter what. Do not include these in your speech.

– Be aware of time 

We all know that nobody really wants to listen to a long, dragged out speech at a wedding. People will get bored. Be sure to stick to a reaonable time frame, maybe 3 to 6 minutes long. Don’t make it too short either though, it will seem as though you were uninterested and didn’t take the job seriously!

– No inside jokes 

Most of the audience wouldn’t understand the joke, and the reaction will not be what you want it to be… I can assure you. Don’t add it, it’s not worth it.

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