How to make your bridal makeup last under a face mask

How to make your bridal makeup last under a face mask

On your wedding day, you want to look your best. If you choose to wear makeup then you’ll definitely want it to last. This task is tough enough on a normal wedding day. With COVID-19 regulations face masks have become required accessories, which can affect your makeup look.

Here’s how to make sure your face stays on throughout the day, even under a face mask.

Tip 1: Use a sticky primer

Pass up your moisturising and glowy primers in favour of a sticker consistency. A strong-hold primer will help grip onto the foundation and make it last longer.

Tip 2: Use a brush to apply foundation

A brush deposits a lot more product than a beauty sponge, which will soak up most of the product and result in a thinner coverage. Remember, you want as much coverage so that it will last longer. A thin layer is more likely to wipe onto your mask. After using a brush, you can go in with a dry sponge to even out the finish and remove brush strokes. This also helps to press the product into your skin and make it last longer.

Tip 3: set your face with a translucent powder

Setting your foundation with a translucent powder will help firm it up and remove some of the moisture that makes it easy for it to wipe off. It essentially acts as a barrier locking that moisture in. A translucent powder won’t affect the colour of your foundation and also helps to mattify your skin.

Here are some helpful tutorials to give you a step-by-step guide:


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