Why getting cold feet is normal and how to overcome it

Why getting cold feet is normal and how to overcome it

We’ve all heard of or experienced getting cold feet before big, life-changing events, and it’s a relatively common occurrence when it comes to a few days before your wedding. You may feel that in your heart you are destined to be with your significant other, but still have those fears of taking the step towards marriage.

And it’s completely normal!

Pre-wedding stress after months of planning and organising is no cause for concern. You’re worried about things going wrong on the day, how you’ll look and also taking the steps to legally wed your partner – it can all be a bit overwhelming.

If you’re experiencing cold feet, here are a few tips to help you ease the stress.


Spend the night with your bridesmaids or some close girlfriends watching movies and pampering each other to take your mind off of any pre-wedding jitters.


Enjoy a relaxing massage scheduled at your favourite spa for later in the evening the day before your wedding to help you unwind and sleep more easily.


Look back at some old photographs of you and your partner to remember all the incredible times you have spent together, and all the amazing memories you have yet to make.


You may not be spending the night with your future husband or wife, but if you really feel you need to, give them a call or message them to let them know how you’re feeling. They are probably feeling the same and you can talk it through with each other.


If it works for you, put on some ocean songs or rainfall sounds and sit or lie down in a comfortable position while practising breathing exercises to clear your mind.

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