What to do if you forgot your anniversary

What to do if you forgot your anniversary

Even the best of us experience a bout of forgetfulness every now and then. However, when we forget an anniversary it may land us in the dog box. The day is, for obvious reasons, special to both partners and it stings just a bit when your significant others forget.

If you’re the one who’s forgotten, not to worry. While your partner may be a bit upset, you definitely can fix it with a few simple but thoughtful gestures.

Here’s what you have to do:

– A simple apology goes a long way 

Saying sorry genuinely makes the world of difference. A simple apology, taking the time to acknowledge that your partner’s feelings are hurt, is always appreciated. Make sure you note how this may have hurt them, and ask what you can do to make it up to them.

– Explain, but don’t hide behind excuses 

Explain to you partner what it is that led to your forgetting your anniversary. When you’re explaining, ensure that you note that you are not using these occurrances as an excuse. You shouldn’t try to play the victim or downplay its importance.

– Plan an intimate celebration

Once all is forgiven, you should make an effort to celebrate, whether its a belated celebration or not. Cook dinner and lay the table out with candles and flowers. Make it intimate and personal.

Others may want to make a day of it. Celebrate by spending quality time doing different things throughout the day. Perhaps you could recreate a few of your early dates in your relationship, or take a day trip to somewhere pretty. The world is your oyster.

– Do something sweet and unique 

Do something quirky and cute, to make your partner laugh. Maybe you decide to make matching anniversary t-shirts, maybe you’ll decide to go big and get a tattoo of your anniversary date (although admittedly this has not turned out well for many people), or maybe you’ll make a funny anniversary video. Whatever you do, try to make it personal, adding details only you and your partner would understand.

– Remember it next time! 

Do not forget it ever again! Set a calendar reminder, write it down, memorise it, do what needs to be done. When you remember it next year, all the effort will be worth it when you see the joy and love on your partners face.

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