Hawk swoops in as ring bearer

Hawk swoops in as ring bearer

Josh and Andee Constine wanted a wild and beautiful destination wedding. So they flew their loved ones in from the US to Ireland. But it didn’t stop there. They got married at a castle and had a hawk bring them their rings. Yes, you read right!

Luttrellstown Castle outside of Dublin is an exquisite estate that offers an array of activities and also has a falconry that trains falcons and hawks.

“They’re very well-trained, and just gorgeous animals,” Josh said to Business Insider. “We really wanted to make sure it was done in a way that was safe for the animal, and that there was nothing about this that felt exploitative to them.We thought it would be something that would really set the wedding apart,” he added. “And make people think, ‘Wow, I’ve really been transported back to the medieval era’.”

Josh wore a leather falconry glove to protect his arm from the hawk’s talons.

The couple did say that they were slightly nervous about the idea that the bird might fly off with the rings and they’d never get them back. In fact, the venue does not guarantee anything and also does not take out insurance in case things go wrong! However, everything went smoothly and the rings were delivered safe and sound.

Sticking to the medieval theme, Andee gave Josh a custom sword engraved with the words: “Poetry. Love. Adventure. Honour.” They used the sword to cut the cake.

Pictures: Business Insider/Christina Brosnan

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