Man stages robbery to propose

Man stages robbery to propose

We’ve heard of proposals being surprising and heart-stopping, but this one truly takes the cake. Going against convention, this New York-based groom decided to stage a robbery to pop the big question.

Ray Giuliano chose a grocery store in Erie County, New York, as the perfect place to propose. In a CCTV footage video the couple can be seen shopping in the store when a man enters and pulls a gun on the store clerk. After successfully ‘robbing’ the store the man disappears, only to run back into the store.

The ‘robber’ then herds Giuliano and his girlfriend into a corner of the store where he pulls something out his backpack. Thinking its a weapon, Giuliano’s girlfriend appears incredibly scared and begins begging for her life. However, the robber pulls out the ringbox and hands it to Giuliano, who proceeds to propose to his girlfriend.

Luckily, she said yes.

Watch the video below:

“I was going for ‘scared’ with a happy moment afterwards. I wasn’t going for ‘terrified,'” he told Inside Edition.

The supposed robber and store clerk were all in on the act, and Giuliano went to extra measures to make sure it was a safe environment.

“We closed down the store, we waited for everyone to get out,” Giuliano said. “We notified the police this was going on. We had a prop gun, it wasn’t a real gun, so, we tried to do it as safe as possible.”

Feature Image: Inside Edition

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