Have a fabulous staycation honeymoon

Have a fabulous staycation honeymoon

We all know how expensive weddings and honeymoons can be. As amazing as your big day might have been, your bank account will probably not love you for it. There’s no pressure to go away and have an expensive honeymoon. Whatever decision is right for your budget, will be the right one for your future, no matter what others say. You can always have that grand trip later.

In the meantime, there’s no reason you can’t still celebrate your new life together right where you are in a budget-friendly way. Take a day or a weekend off to spend some time together. Here are some great ideas. Choose your fave or combine them all!

Feast on love

Picnics are super fun and a great way to get creative, since you can plan exactly what you want to pack. Grab a comfy blanket and set it up anywhere you like. A pretty park, botanical garden, a riverside and the beach are all great options. It might be nice to choose a theme, for example Greek food. Alternatively, just pack your favourite snacks and drinks!


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Spa day

After all that wedding stress, you both deserve some relaxation. Spa’s are excellent for some spoiling and usually have couple’s activities you can do together. Couple’s massages, facials or saunas good options. If that’s a stretch on your budget, the easiest thing on earth is to have a spa day at home! Get some lovely pamper products and give each other massages, followed by a steamy bubblebath…


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Camp in the backyard

Now, we know what you think: This is just for kids. No, it absolutely is not! Depending on your backyard, you can have a whole weekend getaway all outdoors. Pitch that tent, roll out the sleeping bags and roast marshmallows around the campfire. If you don’t have a backyard, there’s bound to be some camping spots near you, and they’re usually quite affordable.


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There’s nothing like watching the sun rise with a spectacular view. If you’re an active couple, check out some nice hiking routes and lace up to get a fresh perspective!


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Wine tasting 

If your tastebuds tickle at the sound of wine tasting, this one’s for you. Most wine farms have beautiful surroundings that are perfect contributions to a romantic atmosphere. Of course, you can swop it out for beer tasting, gin tasting or anything else you prefer.


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Candle-lit dinner and stargazing 

Ah, the magic of candles. For some reason, candle-lit dinners just never go out of style. For this one, you could either go to a cosy restaurant or consider cooking together and setting up a nice dinner table at home. After dinner, spread a blanket and gaze at the stars if the night is clear. Cuddle up close and dream about your future together.


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