Farm weddings: How to fuse rural with classy

Farm weddings: How to fuse rural with classy

Having a farm wedding is a far cry from a glamorous suburban wedding in the city but we strongly believe all that glitters isn’t gold. Farm weddings aren’t just for “low budgets” and they don’t have to be boring. If you love the outdoors, getting away from the rush of everyday life and want to get back to your roots, a farm wedding is the perfect escape. In fact, it can be more beautiful and brilliant than any 5-star hotel wedding if you do it right. Here’s how.

Let your decor complement the environment
When choosing the decor and colour scheme, don’t go too far off with wild colours that don’t suit the style of the wedding. Remember, the environment already sets a certain tone and your decor should rather enhance it than try to overthrow it. Fall in step with the rhythm of the farm, whether it’s a wine farm, citrus farm, live stock, grain etc.


Allow nature to flourish
If there is abundant plant life or animals, don’t try to get rid of it, rather make the most of it! Vineyards, sunflower fields or sheep enclosures are all part of the surroundings and will add to the atmosphere.

Choose a like-minded photographer
It’s important to hire a photographer who appreciates the surroundings and gets the feel you want to convey. This will affect the lighting they use, the area they take the pictures in and what parts of the farm they choose to incorporate.

Set an appropriate dress code
As important as it is to merge the decor with the environment, it’s equally important to have the attire fit in too. Since you already chose the farm venue, your choice of dress will probably suit the surroundings well. Keep to neutral tones, rustic chic accessories and nature-inspired extras. It might be wise to add a dress code for guests too, to keep with the theme. Depending on your chosen feel, use words like “natural,” or “outback”. Avoid terms like “cowboy” (unless that’s what you want!) to ensure the guests look as sophisticated as you.


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