Do you need a head table at your wedding reception?

Do you need a head table at your wedding reception?

Weddings are constantly changing, and how things are done is completely different from 10 years ago. The normalcy of the head table has since gone out of the window, with some couples choosing to sit with their friends, with close family, or even just by themselves with their new spouse.

Traditionally, a head table seats the newlyweds as well as their parents, and the bridal party. However, many modern couples are opting out of having a head table that overlooks the rest of their guests, instead choosing long banquet tables.

Should you go with tradition or modernity? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of a head table to help you make your choice.

Advantages of having a head table:

– You can be the centre of attention properly and you will be able to see everyone.

-It gives you a sense of privacy for the chaos of the wedding and you can clearly hear each other when speaking.

-It gives the venue more space for moving around.

– It gives the decoration a sense of completion.

Disadvantages of having a head table

-You will be more isolated from your guests.

-Your maid of honour, and best men might have their partners within the crowd who might not know anyone else at the wedding.

-There is a lack of alone time, as your main table will consist of six other people

– A large head table may limit your options for the layout of the rest of the seating

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