Self-care tips that will make you fall in love with yourself #monthoflove

Self-care tips that will make you fall in love with yourself #monthoflove

Forget finding love out there, it’s all about starting with some inner reflection – as they say, you need to love yourself before you can properly love anyone else. These five practices are easy to fit into daily life and we promise if you make them habits, you will soon feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Body brushing

A simple daily wake up for your skin and body, dry brushing helps to detoxify the body by increasing circulation and promoting lymph drainage. Benefits include feeling invigorated (as it stimulates your nervous system), smoother skin, reduction in the appearance of cellulite and fewer in-grown hairs, thanks to the exfoliation of dead skin cells. For best results use a natural bristle brush, work in circular motions always towards the heart and hop in the shower afterward to wash away any dead skin cells.

Hair mask

They say your hair is your crowning glory and nothing makes you feel as good as that just-stepped-out-of-a-salon hair. Wella Professionals Oil Reflections range gives luxurious luminosity, regenerating hair back to a place you can be proud of. Run a bath, light a candle, apply a hair mask like Wella Oil Reflections Mask and kick back and enjoy some much needed me time.

Foot scrub

They are our trusty carriers, working so hard to move us from a to b, we owe them a bit of love. If you have stubborn callouses on your heels, adding Epsom salts to your bath can help soften them, use a pumice stone to physically scrub the callous away. Finally, massage in a foot-comforting lotion like OPI ProSpa Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm.

Facial Massage

Gua Sha, also known as skin scraping, is an ancient (Stone Age kind of ancient) practice, it began to take its modern shape when used in Chinese medicine and was effective at treating chronic pain. Today, many use it as a beauty practice which incorporates a Gua Sha tool (usually a round smooth gem stone, with a groove in it) to assist lymphatic drainage (flushing out toxins) resulting in a more toned and sculpted appearance. Get started by watching this video which goes into the basic technique. <

Spend less time on social media

Comparison is a sure way to feel worse about yourself. Have a healthy relationship with social media and make sure you aren’t spending too much time mindlessly scrolling through Insta stories. Instead, pick up a book, take a walk in nature or learn to meditate. These are much healthier habits for a happier mind and body and ultimately a life where you love yourself.

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