Crazy things couples have expected of their wedding guests

Crazy things couples have expected of their wedding guests

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful, turning the best of us into bridezillas. While some rise to the occasion, others crash and burn.

A quick glance at the internet will prove that brides and grooms can get a bit too crazy when planning their big day. Here are some of the strangest things couples have asked of their wedding guests:

Let’s weigh this one up:

Dress codes are standard for weddings to give guests a guideline to match the overall aesthetic of the big day. However, one couple got a bit too specific. Reddit user @insanepeopleonfb shared a screenshot of a bride’s requirements for her guests, in which she determines what people may wear based on their weight. She also expected the outfits to cost at least $1000 to match the 24k wedding theme.

She has a way with words:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a bride has had to cut down on her guest list and thus requested that guests write two 250-word essays explaining why they want to attend her destination wedding. In a reddit thread, her sister says she refused to write the essays, which has caused a major rift in the family as the bride says she may not come to the wedding unless she responds.

Seafood or safety?

It’s your wedding and you shouldn’t have to compromise on your big day because of someone else. However, if you know your wedding could cause severe harm to someone, we’d suggest rethinking. This bride really wants to serve seafood on her big day, although her fiancè’s sister-in-law is severely allergic to it. Should she risk a life for a plate of paella?

Dirty dancing:

In a post to Facebook group, ‘That’s it, I’m wedding shaming” a woman explains that she got kicked out of her former roommate’s wedding for dancing. The bride had become a very conservative Evangelical Protestant and was outraged when her guests took to the dance floor at her wedding.

“When the DJ opened the dance floor, she was in the bathroom, so I guess she didn’t know that people were dancing. I started dancing with our mutual friends (and my brother, who had not been invited to the ceremony, but WAS invited to the reception. Becky said that she “didn’t think he’d be comfortable at a church, because he’s gay.” Now, I wish that one or both of us had said, “*itch, he’s gay, not a vampire.”) Becky came storming out of the bathroom, yelling at everyone on the dance floor for being disrespectful of her beliefs and dancing at her wedding. (To clarify, there was no “dirty dancing.” Mostly just hopping around.) She demanded that everyone who was dancing leave, which left just the old folks.”

BYOM – Bring Your Own Meal

Catering for a vegetarian is understandably difficult if you are not one yourself. You want to make sure your guests are all catered for, regardless of their eating habits. One bride, however, did not have any vegetarian options on her menu and asked if her guest would bring her own meal to the wedding.

Crowdfunding not a crowdpleaser:

Weddings can be pretty costly, and couples will have to scrimp and save to turn their dream into a reality. It is common for people to ask family to financially contribute to the big day. Asking your Facebook friends, however, is a little strange. This couple created a Facebook fundraiser to pay for their big day. The amount they wanted to raise? A whopping $73 205 (R1 274 165).

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