Bride asks guests to write essays on why they may attend wedding

Bride asks guests to write essays on why they may attend wedding

Planning a wedding is tough enough, but add a global pandemic and it’s almost nightmarish. While some rise to the occasion, others require guests to do some strange things in the name of love.

According to a thread on Reddit,  one bride reportedly re-invited guests to the big day after she had to change plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Included in the RSVP is a request for each guest to write two essays on why they should be allowed to attend. The bride’s sister took to Reddit to ask whether she is in the wrong for refusing to RSVP.

“So my sister is getting married next February, destination wedding no less. I have doubts whether this wedding is actually going to happen with the pandemic and everything but she is totally set on moving forward,” writes the sister.

“Anyways because of the pandemic, her original venue has made her cut down on guests because they’re cutting capacity by half. As a result she’s sending out “re-invites” that asks everyone to RSVP again. But in order to figure out who to invite and who to cut, she’s asking all confirmed guests to submit two 250-word “essays” to two questions. The gist is that they’ll use these essays to choose who can come or not, based on people’s enthusiasm. People who don’t write the essays at all will be automatically disqualified.”

The two questions guests must answer are “why do you still want to celebrate this day with us?” And “what will attending our wedding mean to you specifically?”

The sister believes that she should not have to write these essays, as she is spending her own money on plane tickets and a hotel to attend the destination wedding, as well as a wedding present. However, the bride has told her that without an RSVP, she may not attend the wedding.

This has caused strain in the family, with the parents telling the sister she has to write the essays or else she will cause even greater issues with relatives.

Since the thread was posted, it has received 3 700 comments with the vast majority siding with the sister. Many suggest writing the essays in a sarcastic manner.

“I would definitely send in two essays. The first would say ‘Mom/Dad said I have to come or I’m in BIG trouble’ over and over again until you hit 250. The second, ‘I’m your sibling'”, comments one Reddit user.

Is the sister in the wrong for not meeting the bride’s wishes, or is it unfair of the bride to expect guests to motivate for why they deserve an invite?

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