Cool ways to heat up your hair this Spring

Cool ways to heat up your hair this Spring

Spring has sprung, so why should your hair still be stuck in winter? From a subtle trim to a dramatic colour change, we’re showing you four ways to up your hair’s cool factor this Spring.

A cut above the rest

It doesn’t take a dramatic change or a major snip to have a transformational hair moment, so before you reach for the scissors, listen up. An easy way to completely change your look without any long term commitment, is by going for some well-placed layers, or better yet, bangs. These options won’t require you to change the overall length of your hair, but will still give you some new-found movement. You could also try changing up the style of cut you’d normally get, like going for a blunt cut rather than feathered, or something leaning more towards asymmetrical. Small changes can make you feel like a brand new person, and isn’t that what spring is all about?

Pin-up girl

This Spring, it’s all about bringing retro back. Opt for slicked back hair with a few pins, slides or barrettes keeping it all together. Alternatively, wash and blow-dry hair into a smooth, voluminous ‘do, making use of some mousse, a blow-dry cream and a big barrel brush. For the curly girls, take it up a notch and really celebrate those curls by grabbing a curling cream or gel, and working it through damp hair to define curls without weighing it down.

Dive right in

Even though it’s not quite warm enough to go for ocean dips yet, we can still achieve beachy waves without needing the actual waves. Surfergirl hair is not only effortless and cool, but saves on unnecessary heat damage and mechanical wear and tear as well. Regardless of your hair texture, beachy waves is all about working with the texture you have and creating a more tousled, natural effect. Work a small amount of sea salt spray through the lengths of your clean, towel-dried hair and comb through to distribute evenly. Scrunch the hair to encourage a tousled effect, or plait hair into a few rough braids and leave to air dry.

Hot or cold

But in this case, why not both?! Science has revolutionised the beauty industry, and it isn’t stopping any time soon. So why not jump on the bandwagon and try out, not one, but two tones for your locks this Spring? Wella’s Opal-Essence range gives you one colour result with both warm and cool light reflections and a milky metallic sheen, thanks to a proprietary artificial intelligence process where unique colour desire is captured. From copper peach to silver mauve, the 5 no-depth permanent shades means the light is less absorbed, producing warm and cool hues depending on the bend of each hair.
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