Should you get wedding insurance?

Should you get wedding insurance?

Most people have insurance for different kinds of potential emergencies in life. Medical expenses, break-ins at your home or work and car accidents are all valid things to take out insurance for. However, not that many people think about getting wedding insurance. And believe us, things go wrong. From venues getting flooded to brides getting thrown off horses, to wedding rings getting lost to (touch wood) the wedding getting cancelled by the bride or groom, it’s all happened before.

So yes, we highly recommend getting cover for your big day! Plus, various insurers have quite reasonable packages with contributions as low as R6 000. The average wedding insurance should cover around R75 000 or more, depending on your wedding.

Speaking to W24, Fiona Fitzpatrick from IF Administrators said that it’s important to follow the correct procedure should something go wrong. “We may require documents such as confirmation from an expert that damaged property is beyond repair, medical reports from a doctor, contracts signed with the relevant wedding contractor like florist, photographer, wedding coordinator, etc.

“In the event of any incident which is caused by theft, attempted theft or malicious or criminal damage should be informed to the authorities within 24 hours and the reference number submitted with the claim,” she adds.

Rather safe than sorry, we always say.

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