Should grooms wear custom-made suits?

Should grooms wear custom-made suits?

Wedding dresses are gushed over and are often made the centre of attention on the big day. This may leave you, as the groom, feeling as though your suit is not of much importance. Well, that’s definitely not true! You surely want to look your best on your special day.

For some, a custom-made suit is the best way to achieve that. Others, however, may be on the fence about whether a bespoke suit is worth it.

Here are some pros and cons of custom-made suits to help you decide:


– Fit 

Nothing looks better than a suit that fits you perfectly. This is particularly worthy of noting for those who don’t have a “typical” body. Off the rack suits are catered almost exclusively to the “average” body type.

– Look 

Material, design, patterns, and style can all be tailored to your exact needs and wants. The look of the suit will be nothing short of what you imagined. You won’t have to settle for the generic offerings of stores.

– Attention to detail

Since your suit is being made by a tailor, you’ll get a final product that has been paid careful attention to from start to finish. As a result of this attention to detail, you’ll get the best possible quality.


– Cost 

Since you’re paying for higher quality material as well as the time and labour it takes to create the suit, you’ll be paying quite a bit more than you would for a suit off the racks. You’ll have to consider whether your budget allows for this.

– Time consuming 

Bespoke suits are usually made by hand, with minimal machines involved. On top of that, you’ll have to go for a few fittings in order to ensure the suit fits you perfectly. This will take much more time than simply purchasing a suit at a store.

– May not get your money’s worth 

Custom-made suits are great, and it’s always good to have one in your closest for special occasions. However, if you’re a guy who doesn’t wear suits very often, splurging on an expensive suit may not be worth your while. If it’s just going to collect dust in your closet, consider a store bought suit instead.

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