Beauty breakdown: The highs and lows of laser hair removal

Beauty breakdown: The highs and lows of laser hair removal

Want to be smooth and stubble-free come wedding day? If you hate shaving and waxing then laser hair removal may just be for you.

Laser hair removal is a form of hair removal that uses advanced laser light technology to target the melanin within hair follicles. The laser light is absorbed into the root of the hair and destroys the hair cells, thus stunting regrowth.

This treatment is considered safe and effective and causes no damage to the surrounding skin. However, as with any procedure it is imperative to do your research before booking your appointments. Here are some things to consider before you make your decision.


It is a long-lasting hair removal option

While it is not entirely permanent, laser hair removal forces your hair into a longer state of dormancy than other forms of hair removal like waxing and shaving. It essentially slows down your regrowth which means you will need to remove your hair far less frequently than normal. It also makes the hairs lighter, finer, and fewer in number and thus more easy to manage.

It is (relatively) painless

Pain tolerances differ, but many will attest to the fact that laser hair removal is not painful. It feels similar to being tickled and the only discomfort is when the laser head heats up upon occasion, but it is not unbearable at all.

It lightens discoloured/uneven skin and helps with ingrown hairs

A major draw for laser hair removal is that it is highly effective in resolving ingrown hairs, as the laser destroys the hair follicle’s ability to produce hair. It also helps to alleviate any skin discoloration often caused by ingrown hairs.


It is costly

Out of all the hair removal options, laser hair removal is probably the most expensive. A single session can start from R350-R1000 depending on the area you are targeting. For example, the leg area or the bikini area is typically more expensive than doing your underarms. You also have to multiply the cost by 8 or 12, as that is how many sessions you will need to complete a full course.

If you do plan on getting laser hair removal, Deluxe Laser in South Africa often offers specials like four for two on all courses, so best capitalise on those to save some coin.

It takes a while to complete a full course

While results are visible as soon as the second session, customers typically require eight to 12 sessions to see the full impact. This process works best when your hairs are in the anagen hair growth cycle. However, hairs in any one area are never in this stage simultaneously therefore you need multiple treatments to catch all the hairs in this growth cycle.

Since sessions are spaced a month apart it can take about a year to complete a course. You must abstain from waxing/sugaring in between these sessions, which may be hard for those who hate shaving.

You may not be the ideal candidate

Laser hair removal is ideally suited to people with dark hair. It is less effective on people with lighter hair as the laser cannot target grey, white, red hair and is limited to lightly pigmented hair.

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