Why many are getting engaged during coronavirus

Why many are getting engaged during coronavirus

You may think that with a world wide health crisis going on, now is not the best time to get engaged. However, it seems many would disagree as there have been quite a few engagements during the time of coronavirus.

Of course, there is no single reason for this trend, but there are a few which are common. The most common reason is that these couples planned to get engaged before the coronavirus pandemic took over everyone’s lives and forced us all to change our plans. Like rapper Jeezy, who propososed to Jeannie Mai on a “quarantine date”, many are simply following through with plans they had already made but had reworked to cater for self-isolation. After all, we wouldn’t want to put our lives on hold for an undisclosed, or unknown amount of time.

Many people are rushing engagements of marriages at this time for more logistical and technical reasons. Getting engaged and married means that you may have more authority to advocate for each other in medical emergencies, which is important at a time like this. It may also be on account of visa requirements, or to avoid conflicts about wills or estates.

Then, there is the obvious reason. The one we hope is the strongest, most convincing reason for all those couples getting engaged. Love. Perhaps the health crisis has shown people how precious life is and how time is fleeting and that they have to seize the moment.

For those who are religious, or at least more conservative in their beliefs, an engagement or marriage makes it more “acceptable” to stay together during the lockdown. If people don’t want to get separated from each other during this time, they simply get engaged and married to be together while keeping their families happy.

No matter the reason though, we hope that all the couples getting engaged during this time are as happy as can be!

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