5 ways to make your wedding fun without alcohol

5 ways to make your wedding fun without alcohol

In the wedding industry, lockdown has become synonymous with creativity. Everything is different than it used to be, and planning a wedding in a COVID-19 era needs more lateral thinking than ever. Fear not! All that really matters on the day is being united with the person you love most in this world.

When it comes to refreshments, alcohol is a no-go for the foreseeable future in South Africa. Some couples might simply not want to offer alcohol, regardless of the ban. Whatever the reason, there are tonnes of ways to have a stellar reception without a drop of booze.

1. Have a breakfast wedding

During the morning, guests will be less likely to miss having an adult drink in hand. Brunch weddings are expertly classy, fun and pretty. Who needs wine when there’s an omelet station?

2. Have a connoisseur coffee bar

This fits in perfectly with a brunch wedding, but of course will work for any time of the day. Go all out with fancy coffee that will have even the most snobbish barista coming back for more. Add variety with other hot drinks such as teas and hot chocolate.

3. Have guests mix their own fruit juices

Having a juice bar where guests can mix and match as they please doubles as a fun activity too! Print out a directive of which juices pair well together, and label the different kinds. Add fresh fruits, ice and paper straws for extra “punch.”

4. Serve non-alcoholic drinks

These days, you can find almost any alcoholic beverage with an alcohol-free counterpart. Wine, sparkling wine, beer and even spirits like gin all have non-alcoholic ranges that are equally tasty and will add a sophisticated feel.

5. Don’t hold back with the dessert table 

What better way to celebrate than to eat delicious treats? A delectable dessert table will have the mouths watering and no alcohol likely means you’ll have slightly more flexible budget. The key here is variety. More options mean more happy taste buds!

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