What NOT to do to your skin pre-wedding

What NOT to do to your skin pre-wedding

You will most likely be stressing about numerous things before your wedding – your skin doesn’t have to be one of them. Here is what not to do to your skin before the big day.

1. Spend too much time in the sun

Don’t try to get the tan of your life right before your big day. You could get burnt and you and your skin will be dehydrated, and it will show. On that note, stay away from tanning beds as well; they can just as much – if not more – damage your skin.

Take a look in the mirror and think about whether you actually need a tan. If you do, rather try a subtle self-tanning product for a few weeks leading up to the big day. Start toning it down a week before.

And remember to wear sunscreen every single day, even on your wedding day, to ensure you stay sun safe.

2. Pick at blemishes

This doesn’t only apply to your pre-wedding preparations but it’s great advice for every time you are tempted to pick. Picking, squeezing or scratching a spot on your face will cause scarring. We know it’s incredibly hard not to pop that pimple as soon as it arises, but it’s important to leave it alone. The bacteria underneath your nails can penetrate this vulnerable area, causing swelling and redness.

Instead, apply a spot treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide (not toothpaste!) to the area twice a day after cleansing, and try to leave it alone.

If you are struggling with a painful, cystic spot right before the big day, visit your dermatologist and have a cortisone shot in the affected area. This will help considerably more than any topical treatment.

3. Change your routine

Every bride wants her skin to be perfect. Stick to what you know works for you and don’t try to switch up your routine a month before. Your skin WILL freak out.

A few months before your wedding, introduce your skin to a brightening treatment (containing malic acid or vitamin C) paired with a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid. Cell turnover takes approximately 30 days, so any new treatment you use will only begin to show its effects after a month.

Pro tip: Don’t use an acne treatment if you do not have problem skin as a preventative measure. It will only dry out your skin and you won’t glow as much when you say ‘I do.’

4. Get a peel too soon before your wedding day 

Getting a harsh chemical peel a few days before your wedding won’t be beneficial in the least. A peel of any kind requires some downtime, and your skin needs to chill out for a week or more.

A peel literally removes a layer of skin, cleansing deep down into your pores, and revealing smooth and glowing skin. It helps in the disappearance of ance, scars, wrinkles and a rough texture, but it will not give you perfect skin overnight.

Try a peel way in advance to see how it works for you, and then go for another (more gentle, if necessary) session at least two months before your wedding. They are one of the greatest things you can do for perfect wedding skin, but always be sure to chat to your therapist to make sure your timing and choice of treatment is spot on.

5. Get too stressed out 

Don’t forget to make time for yourself, meditate and breathe. All the stress of planning and making sure every detail is perfect will take a massive toll on your skin. Try listening to soothing music before bed, take a long bath, and breathe long and deep breaths to calm down your nervous system. And remember to hydrate!

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