5 Unique bachelor party ideas

5 Unique bachelor party ideas

It’s your last few days as a single man, but you’re not up for a wild evening out with the boys. You want to be feeling fresh and ready for you big day ahead instead of hungover and rough. If crazy parties are not your thing, there are a number of fun and different ways to celebrate your last days of singleness with your best boys. Here are 5 unique ideas for a bachelor party.

1. Rent a beach house

It might be a bit more costly than your average bachelor party, but who can say no to a weekend away along the coast? Pack in your swimming shorts, some meat to braai, and a six-pack of cold ones. You and your boys will appreciate that weekend away of pure quality time when you fondly reminisce of the ‘good ole days’

2. Do the escape room challenge

Put your friendship to the test and see how well you and your boys fair against riddles and confined spaces. These escape rooms put critical thinking and teamwork to the test. If you’re looking for more than just a crazy night out partying, this idea for a bachelor party might be right up your alley.

3. Take a road trip

Few things are as exhilarating as the open road. Take a road trip along the Garden Route and make sure you stop at every small town along the way to get that authentic road trip experience. Who knows when you’ll get to experience a boys trip again.

4. Play paintball or laser tag

A very popular choice for group functions, paintballing might be the perfect idea for a bachelor party. You get to experience survival of the fittest gaming action in reality and show off your skills to your mates. For those who want the fun without the pain, laser tag is a great alternative option.

5. Go camping

Being outdoors in nature always seems to provide the perfect setting for some reflection on your journey and friendship together. Bond over a campfire and some beers while you tell embarrassing stories about each other. Most campsites also include allocated fishing areas for some extra fun!

By Aadilah Hallam

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