5 Packing tips for your honeymoon or destination wedding

5 Packing tips for your honeymoon or destination wedding

It’s no mean feat packing for an ordinary holiday but when you’re headed off to a tropical paradise or a snowy escape for your honeymoon (or even your destination wedding), things can get a little trickier. And because we want you to have the time of your life without having to worry about that extra sundress or the snow shoes you didn’t pack, Wedding Album consulted with luggage experts House of Samsonite for all the tips you need to pack like a professional.

1 Plan before you pack

• Check your destination for weather conditions, special clothing requirements for religious purposes and laundry facilities. If your husband-to-be is planning a surprise honeymoon and you’re unsure of the climate, make sure you cover all your bases with transitional-wear
• if you’re planning on doing any activities or attending a special event, make sure you have the correct clothing and equipment
• Ensure you’ve checked the luggage restrictions (weight, number of suitcases and size for hand luggage) for your airline as bulky items are often subject to special regulations while there are strict safety regulations for hand luggage.

2 Choose the right luggage

• Size is important – too big can lead to crumpled clothing while too small will leave you with creases!
• Hard cases are durable, and scratch and shock resistant, while soft cases are best if you’re pushed for space as they expand and have lots of extra pockets
• If your luggage is quite heavy, opt for a suitcase with sturdy wheels. If you’re only doing a short trip, leave the baggage behind and take a lightweight carry-on case instead.

Samsonite Lipault

3 It’s about what you need 

• Before you throw your entire closet in your suitcase, compile a list of items you’d like to take or think you will need – then remove those that aren’t necessary
• Create a capsule wardrobe for your trip that you can mix and match. Choose one or two colour palettes and non-crease items that you can dress both up and down to enable you to create a variety of outfits from a few items
• You can also cut down the number of clothing items you pack by taking along a small container of handwash detergent
• Downsize your toiletries by only taking the essentials and decanting them into smaller containers. Most hotels provide soaps and shower gels so you can leave those behind if you’re staying at one
• Check with your hotel whether towels are supplied and which electrical appliances will be on hand.


4 Pack smartly

• Pack heavier items in the bottom of your suitcase and ensure you have flat, level surfaces to avoid creasing
• Place your shoes in shoe or plastic bags so they don’t dirty your clothing. Smaller items, such as socks and underwear, can be pushed inside your shoes to save space or used to fill gaps in the suitcase
• Use sarongs or beach towels to create layers and section your suitcase – you’ll be able to find things easily when you’re in a hurry
• A divider pad or cross ribbons will help you organise your suitcase as well as keep your clothing in place when your suitcase is not filled
• Wrap your electrical products in non-crease items to protect them
• Rolling your clothing is best if you’re using smaller luggage like a backpack, holdall or small duffel. Rolling works well for trousers, skirts, shorts and jerseys while items like shirts are better folded
• Invest in a packing kit or frame to fold clothes and avoid creases. You can also insert a sheet of tissue paper between individual layers of clothing to reduce creasing
• Use the top section of your suitcase to store delicate items or separate dirty laundry
• Interweave tailored items like skirts, trousers, coats and jackets to prevent creases: drape the item inside the suitcase with the ends hanging over the sides and put soft items, like T-shirts and jerseys, on top. Then fold over the ends hanging off the side and smooth them out
• Lay out your leather items, such as belts, along the inside walls of the suitcase to avoid damage
• Place toiletries that could leak or electrical goods that need to stay dry in plastic bags or vanity cases.

Miss SA with Lipault IDLF – Samsonite5 Safety first

• Always place your valuables, fragile items and important documents in your hand luggage
• Ensure you have two identity tags – one on the inside of your suitcase and one on the outside – in case one gets ripped off
• Write your name, number and the place you will be staying on the label. Using your home address can draw attention to the fact that you will be away
• Choose a sturdy lock and make sure it works.

Information courtesy of House of Samsonite. The new Lipault Inés de La Fressange range (pictured above)  is available in a Spinner (R2 999 for 55 cm, R3 599 for 65 cm and R3 999 for 72 cm), a Duffle Bag (R1 999), a Backpack (R999 for extra-small, R1 199 for medium) and a toiletry kit (R699).

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