What do weddings in SA cost?

What do weddings in SA cost?

Now, as with any other event, you can go super small, low key and toned down, or splurge and go way over the top for your wedding. It really is up to you (and your bank account).

Wedding costs vary greatly, from one couple who tied the knot for a mere R6 000 to the infamous Gupta wedding at Sun City, topping the charts with an elaborate wedding of R30 million. Where that money came from is another story altogether. Let’s not dwell on it.

Those are two extreme cases, and most South African couples end up dishing out something between R70 000 and R80 000, according to IOL. There are a number of things to budget for, with the venue, dress and photography being among the most expensive.

Catering does not come cheap, either. Some couples are wonderfully happy with a small get together, maybe at their own or a friend’s home. A savvy aunt might pitch in to make the dress, and the mother-in-law knows someone who bakes.  What matters to them is being together, celebrating their choice to journey on together, surrounded by laughter and sunshine.


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However, some will raise an amused eyebrow at the picture painted above. If the bride or groom is rolling in cash, they might have a completely different take on weddings. Think landing in helicopters and photoshoots with tame leopards. Entertainment for guests including classical ballerinas and acrobats. One such lavish wedding took place at Polo Estate, Val de Vie.


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Remember, though, that spending crazy amounts of money on one event could lead to haunting debt for you and your loved one. Rather be realistic about your budget, get creative (and eco-friendly) so you can focus on the other person more than on the material things. There are countless ways of saving money and still have a gorgeous wedding you will remember for the rest of your life. 

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