What to consider when sending out thank you notes after the wedding

What to consider when sending out thank you notes after the wedding

Post-wedding thank you notes can be such a daunting task, but it is important to send them out to show your guests that you appreciate them for attending your special day.

When you’ve wrapped up your celebrating and are getting used to your new normal, you realise you have this one last thing to do as newlyweds. Here is the proper etiquette to consider.

Be on time

Normally, a wedding thank you card should be mailed on time, as sending them a year later will look like you have forgotten about your guests.

A window of one to three months is acceptable, and it gives you enough time to return from honeymoon. Don’t forget to split the “work” with your partner, too!

Double-check details

Mail errors do happen, so make sure you double-check that your guests have received them. Also double-check the wedding list so you do not miss or skip anyone.

Be personal

Take time and write the notes, and add a personal touch to each note according to how you know each person. It is recommended that you acknowledge their specific gift and presence while writing your notes.

Make sure to keep a detailed record of all gifts received and who gave them. Give your guests and gift-givers something special.  If you are sending your thank you note via post, include a little gift if you can.

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