Ways to reuse your wedding dress

Ways to reuse your wedding dress

Wedding dresses are a major part of anyone’s big day but after the wedding, they tend to end up unused and stashed away in a cupboard.

Your dress doesn’t have to just sit in a closet and collect dust. To get the most out it, here are a few ways to reuse your wedding dress and create more special memories.

Donate it

Your wedding dress holds a special meaning but more often than not, it just becomes an ornament hanging in the back of your cupboard. Donating your dress will give someone else the opportunity to feel just as beautiful and glamorous as you did on your big day.

Get crafty

Wedding dresses tend to have much more fabric than others, which can be cut and crafted in new and creative ways. You can cut the dress down and use strips of material for making various home decor items or clothing. Satin and lace work well for this. Or separate the skirt and bodice to wear as stylish separates paired with more casual items.

Dye it

Along the lines of crafting, dying your dress will instantly change its look and make it an elegant evening gown which you can wear out to events or formal functions.

Turn it into a family heirloom

If you feel sentimental and would like to keep your dress, turning it into a Christening dress or princess-style dress for your child or younger family member is a meaningful way of re-using your dress.

Play dress up

Love Halloween, or any kind of dress-up for that matter? You can get seriously creative with your wedding dress for a themed party. Think zombie bride or fairytale princess!

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