How to throw a "Great" Gatsby-themed wedding

How to throw a “Great” Gatsby-themed wedding

Published in 1925, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald has become world-famous, not least of which for the glamorous and lavish lifestyle of the 1920s it so dazzlingly displays.

Nearly a century later we find ourselves in the roaring 20s again, and the iconic style of the much-loved era still inspires fashion.

If you are a hopeless romantic like Jay Gatsby himself, draw some inspiration from the timeless love story for your wedding. Here’s how.


Think everything glittering and gold. This is your time to shine. Opulence is the word of the day and colour schemes revolve around black, white and gold. Play with textures like boas, ribbons, beads and metals.


The 1920s fashion style played with flowy fabrics and lots of layers. Combine with different textures like sequins, beads,  pearls and faux fur, and you’ve got a winner. Short sleeves and open backs are all the rage. Kit out your bridal party in some fabulous champagne tones.


Curls, curls, curls. The very famously uniquely set-curl style of the rich and famous is back again. Remember, a feathery or sequinsy headband is a must. An updo to the side is a classic, but you can also wear your curls down with an accessory on one side.

Makeup and nails:

Bold and beautiful, don’t hold back on your makeup. Dark, smokey eyes and bright red lips will have you feeling confident as ever. Your nails can boast art-deco shapes and once again, glitter!


Hubby gets to go in style as well. A bow-tie is the answer to all his questions. A top hat will look exceptionally dapper and add a buttoned vest for the finishing touch.


Stick to all white flowers and add some feathers. Keep it sparkly with extra accessories like pearls.


You get to play with shapes and tones and textures all the more! Square is the way to go, accessorised with the shapes and colours of your decor.

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