Tiara tips: The proper way to crown your look

Tiara tips: The proper way to crown your look

For many brides, the finishing touch to perfect their wedding look is a tiara. Bridal tiaras add regal glamour and elegance to your look, as well as a touch of whimsy.

Tiara’s or crowns are also known as diadems, which comes from the Greek word ‘diadein’ meaning ‘to bind around’. Historically, royal families from the ancient Egyptians to the the Ancient Greeks love this accessory as a symbol of power and status. Traditionally, they were worn by royalty but nowadays anyone can rock this look.

Interestingly enough, there are ways to properly wear a tiara. If you plan to top your tresses with this accessory, keep these tips in mind.

Consider the shape of your face

If you have a long face, you might want to steer clear of especially pointy tiaras that can add even more length. If you have a round face, a round tiara will make your head look even more circular. The best course of action is to choose a tiara that is different to your face shape.

Regardless of the shape of your face, make sure to opt for a tiara with an oval frame so that it sits more comfortably on your head. Ideally, the front of the tiara should slightly lean forward as this will help frame your face.

Placement matters

When putting your crown on, be conscious of where you place it and use your fingers as a guide. To find your best placement, put your thumb on the centre of your chin and your index finger in between your eyebrows. Maintain that distance, then move your thumb to where your index finger was placed. Your index finger should now be a few centimetres from your hairline, marking the spot where the base of your tiara should be.

The centre of the jewel work on the crown must align with the centre of your face.

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Stay with me

Don’t put your tiara on until your hair is completely styled, especially if you are adding any gels or lacquers to your hair. If you put your tiara on before this, you run the risk of making it greasy.

Another rule of thumb is to wear your tiara with day old hair, ideally without conditioner, as this provides more grip to keep it in place all day. You might even need to use clear thread to sow your tiara into your bridal style if you plan on any activities like a choreographed dance.

Remember to not attach your veil to your headpiece, as it could add more weight and cause your tiara to drag out of place. Instead, attach your veil to you actual hair.


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