These honeymoon destinations are the most common among divorced couples

These honeymoon destinations are most common among divorced couples

Who knew the destination of your honeymoon was so crucial to the success of your marriage? According to a recent study, where you go to spend your first days of wedded bliss can make or break your union. conducted a study into which honeymoon destinations were the most common among divorced couples. First, they created a list of the most popular honeymoon destinations across the globe. They then surveyed 3100 divorced or separated couples worldwide to uncover which spot they settled on.

Their findings reveal that at 20%, the Maldives was the most popular honeymoon destination among couples who have since gone their separate ways. The Maldives has been a popular honeymoon and general vacation destination for decades, with its crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches a top calling-card.

Next up on the list was Marrakesh in Morrocco, with 17% of divorcees having spent their honeymoon there. Bora Bora in French Polynesia takes the third spot with 13% of the vote.

Other destinations that made it on the list include Bali (10%), Mauritius (8%), Lapland (7%), Santorini (5%), Venice (5%), Dubrovnik (4%), Buenos Aires (4%) and Cancun (3%).

Bangkok, Napa Valley, Maui, and Nairobi seems to be the safest places to honeymoon for a successful marriage, as they all only reported 1% of the vote each.

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