The wedding that cost R75

The wedding that cost R75

The cost of a wedding can be quite, well, costly. Most things – from the wedding dress to the venue – can be quite expensive. Opting for a micro wedding is a great option, however one couple from Vereeniging in Gauteng had a better plan. Samkelo and Latoya Khowa tied the knot for only R75.

Instead of spending thousands on a ‘one day event’, they decided to get married at a Home Affairs office. The couple also stated that after their Home Affairs ceremony they bought a car which wouldn’t have been possible if they opted for an over the top wedding. The marriage license was R55 and R20 to release it.

They opted for this budget-friendly option as they were not in the means of having a lavish one. Neither one of them regret this decision as they have chosen a marriage over a wedding.

Samkelo and Latoya met at a church service in 2016 and are not bother by what people have to say about their money-savvy wedding. They are debt free and their main focus is the love they have for one another.

Samkelo comes from humble beginnings. He struggled to get by and eventually had to leave college due to financial issues. Latoya would help him wherever she could. He found a learnership that turned into a permanent position.

The wedding itself was R75 and the couple decided to have an engagement church celebration. Which was still less than R5000.

Picture: Facebook/Latoya Khowa

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