Micro weddings

Micro weddings

Weddings can be quite costly, which is why micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Otherwise known as small weddings, these micro nuptials are not just smaller guest lists.

It should consist of all the typical wedding elements: just on a smaller scale.

Cutting the guest list down means that your wedding can be more intimate as it will only be your loved ones around. The ceremony duration is normally shorter. There is usually not a lot of bells and whistles involved. This cut back means that you can save quite a lot of money.

Less people means that you can splurge on things that you wouldn’t be able to in bulk. For example, expensive champagne or snacks. Since you’re only catering for about 20 people you can afford to get those special things.


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The micro wedding will be less stressful as you’re planning your big day on a smaller scale. Since you’ll only have a few people it will also be less nerve racking and you’ll be able to connect with your guests more.

Instead of having to mingle with over 50 people, your time can be divided among the few at your micro wedding.

If you choose to have the smaller scale nuptials your venue options are also endless. You can try approaching your favourite restaurant or garden. Keep in mind even if a place doesn’t advertise hiring their venue for weddings they may be able to accommodate your micro wedding.

Micro weddings are a great option and a good way to celebrate your wedding especially if you don’t have a lot of guests to invite.

However it may not work if you want a wedding with everyone including your extended family and co-workers.

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