How weddings have changed over the years

How weddings have changed over the years

Weddings come with tons of customs and traditions, the history of which is always quite interesting. Many couples are eager to incorporate age-old practices into their weddings. Over the years, however, the practices have changed and transformed.

For those who want tradition and modernity, or who would prefer to customise their wedding to be more original, perhaps insight into how wedding traditions have changed over the years will help to find a middle ground.

– Asking for permission 

In years gone by, it was often considered respectful to ask a woman’s father for her hand in marriage. Today, women have much more agency and are no longer considered to be “passed on” to their husbands. Many still follow this custom as a sign of respect. However, others have completely done away with the tradition.

– Veils 

Originally, the wedding veil was a way to protect the bride from evil spirits on her wedding day. In 1849, however, Queen Victoria donned a veil as fashion for the first time ever. Since then, many brides have decided to go without a veil or have replaced it with other accessories such as flower crowns.

– Not seeing each other before the ceremony

In the past, it was considered to be very bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. This tradition started at a time when arranged marriages were more common, and was a way to ensure that a groom did not have a change of heart before the ceremony.

Today, many couples have “first look” shoots. They have a private moment together before their nuptials to capture the first moment they see each other in their wedding attire.

– Receptions 

Today, we have large receptions that take months of preparation and planning. We offer full meals and often have a constant flow of food and drink for our guests. Previously, a wedding reception was merely some cake and tea at the home of the brides parents.

– The classic vows 

The classic wedding vows, which can be traced back to 1549, say that the bride promises to “love, honour, keep, obey, and serve” her husband to be. The last two words are often dropped, these days.

– Rice throwing 

Traditionally, newly-weds were sent off from their weddings by having rice tossed at them. Today, bubbles, eco-friendly glitter, or sparklers, amongst other things are often used instead.

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