Romantic home proposal ideas

Romantic home proposal ideas

So lockdown ruined your big proposal plans but you can’t keep the secret inside any longer? It looks like an at-home proposal is your only choice! There’s no need to worry though, there are more than a few ways to make it special.

If you’re in search for some at home proposal ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get your love locked in during lockdown:

– The games night proposal

If you’re a playful pair, plan your proposal around a games night. You could do it under the guise of keeping busy on another night under quarantine. Set out a scrabble board, and throughout the game try to spell out words that eventually lead up to “will you marry me?”. “say yes?” or “wife/husband?”.

Alternatively, you could play charades, pictionary, or any such guessing game, and take your proposal from there! Act out or draw marriage, and then get down on one knee.

– The classic dinner proposal

Cook your soon-to-be a romantic dinner, decorate the table with candles, and do it just like they do in the movies. After some casual dinner-time conversation or perhaps during dessert, pop the question.

– The pet proposal 

We know those of you with fur babies don’t want to leave the little ones out of anything! Plan to have your pet involved, by placing the ring on their body (without hurting them of course). Have your pet approach your partner for them to find the ring.

– The treasure hunt proposal 

Hide the ring, write down some clues, and make a fun activity out of your proposal. Tell your partner you’ve got them a gift but they need to go on a treasure hunt for it. Voila, a fun and flirty at home proposal.

– The pamper proposal

Treat your significant other to a spa day, full with DIY face masks and a massage, perhaps even a bubble bath. After they’ve relaxed to the max, and you’ve built up the nerve then get down to business.

Good luck with your proposals!

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