Renting versus buying a wedding suit

Renting versus buying a wedding suit

You may be under the impression that the wedding dress is all that people will be looking at on the big day. If that’s the case, you’re in for a wake-up call. The grooms attire is equally important! A wedding suit is one of the most special outfits a man will ever wear.

Buying this suit, however, is a huge expense. You may not be willing, or be able, to spend that much money on your outfit. If you’re considering your options, then you should keep in mind that renting a suit is possible too.

Here are some pros and cons of both buying and renting, to help you make your final decision.

Buying a wedding suit 


– You’ll have it forever 

If you buy the suit, you’ll be able to keep it forever. Whether it’s just a great memory hanging in your cupboard, or you pull it out to wear to every fancy occasion, it’s always nice to have.

– You’re the first to wear it 

You won’t spend your entire wedding day wondering who else has been in the suit that is currently on your body. We know that can be a bit creepy!

– Originality 

You can customize it as much as you want, and you can add whatever accessories you prefer. This is the upside for many grooms.


– Expensive 

This is the most glaring and most commonly cited con. New suits are tremendously pricey.

– Bang for your buck 

If you only wear it once, all that money essentially goes to waste.

– Won’t always fit

We all know that our bodies change over time. This is true for everybody! Your body won’t be the same in 10 years, as it is on your wedding day. If you’re keeping it, it might not look as great in the future.

Renting a wedding suit 


– This is often the cheaper option 

If you’re a more informal type of guy, buying a suit makes no sense! Forking out a large sum of cash for a one-time outfit is simply not worth it. On top of this a suit that costs R5000, for example, is likely to only cost you around half of that price to rent. That’s a lot of savings.

– A nicer suit 

Since it’s cheaper to rent than buy, you’ll be able to afford a higher-end suit. You’ll look dapper for less money.

– Additionals included 

In most cases, when you rent a suit, all extra’s are included. This means you’ll get your shirt, cufflinks and tie all at once. You’ll spend much less time shopping.


– The fit 

Renting means that options for tailoring are limited. If you’re “average” sized, then you might be able have some temporary stitches put in, but if you’re extremely tall, for example, it’ll be much more difficult to find a suit that fits well.

– You may feel it’s not special 

Since it’s not really yours, and somebody else has worn it before, you may feel its less special than a bought suit.

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