Quiz: What's the perfect colour scheme for you?

Quiz: What’s the perfect colour scheme for you?

Recently engaged? Congratulations! Now, the fun part begins. Planning a wedding is hard work, but getting to choose all the elements that make up your big day is an incredible experience. It can also be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

The colour scheme will determine the style, atmosphere, all the decor and even the bridal parties’ attire. You should choose a colour that reflects who you are and that makes you happy.

Take this quiz to get to know yourself better and learn what colours will work for you:

1. You’re at a party where you don’t know anyone. You:
a) Introduce yourself to some strangers and end up making new friends
b) Grab a seat and sip on a drink by yourself, until you see the friend who dragged you here
c) Will never go to a party if you don’t know everyone who will be there!

2. When planning an outfit, you:
a) Go for the show-stoppers and like to experiment with looks
b) Have a few favourite go-to items you always wear
c) Always go with neutral tones, subtle and plain

3. When you argue with your partner, you:
a) Make sure they know exactly how you feel and why
b) Usually stay level-headed and discuss things calmly
c) Avoid conflict and end up apologising first

4. Your ideal weekend activity is:
a) Going out on the town to all the vibey spots
b) Having a relaxed dinner with close friends
c) Staying in, watching movies and eating treats

5. You met your partner:
a) By striking up a conversation at a party
b) Through mutual friends
c) A family member set you up with a blind date

So, if you’ve chosen…

Mostly a:

You’re an obvious extrovert, and love expressing yourself. You might like strong, bright colours and choosing warm tones like yellow, orange or red will work well at your wedding.

Mostly b:

You are a confident, but relaxed person and don’t care too much for glamour. You might like cool, heavier colours like greens, blues and purples.

Mostly c:

If you are an introvert like the quiz suggests, you might be more reserved. A good colour scheme would be light colours, like peach, lilac, or pink to convey your calmness and tranquility.

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Combination of a and b:

If you are a little bit of an extrovert with a logical, level-headed side, we think you’ll absolutely love dark, sophisticated colours. This gives you room for self expression, but without all the brightness.

Combination of b and c:

If you’re an introvert but who likes to get out there, don’t let anyone hold you back. You’re not shy, but not loud either. An earthy, neutral colour scheme is what you want.  Go for whites, browns and greens.

Combination of a and c:

If you’re one of those rare and wonderful creatures who seem quiet at first but actually get more expressive the more you’re comfortable, welcome. You might actually be a dark horse, and you might as well admit it. We recommend metallic colours like silver, gold or bronze for an edgy theme.

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