How to save money on your wedding cake

How to save money on your wedding cake

Wedding cakes are a key tradition in most cultures and they can easily rack up quite a heavy cost. This doesn’t have to be the case if you’re clear about what you want and follow these simple tips to help you save on this part of your big day.

Consider a display cake 

A big expense when it comes to cake is getting the amount you need out of a beautifully designed, intricate cake. If you want a cake that can feed all your guests, rather have a smaller, beautiful display cake for cutting and have a simple sheet cake in the kitchen which can be cut up and brought out.

Keep it simple 

This might be the most obvious suggestion, but the more complicated the cake the more expensive it is likely to be. Choosing a cake that will take less time to make means you will be charged less by your baker. Consider what you want in terms of colour, icing and tiers and then make this combination as simple as possible.

Reconsider flowers

Sugar flowers should definitely be reconsidered and replaced by fresh flowers or painted flowers on the cake itself. Sugar flowers are intricate and require a lot of work which adds to the cost.

Consider the cake a party favour 

Instead of having the cake and party favours combine these two parts of the event. Cut the cake right at the end, before everyone begins to leave and offer them slices in takeaway boxes as they go.

Serve smaller slices 

Let’s be honest, most people don’t even eat their entire piece of wedding cake. So save by having a smaller cake with smaller slices. If you’re worried this won’t be enough for guests, combine the smaller piece of cake with cheaper confectionaries like strawberries or chocolates.

User your caterer

Often couples choose a separate baker for their cake but this can add to the cost. If you find out if your caterer would be willing to do the cake as well you can often negotiate a better price.

Consider something other than cake

Cake is the traditional option, but why not offer guests a something different which can also save you some money. Offering cupcakes or cake pops are great alternatives and are likely to be eaten because of their smaller size.

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