What to do the week of your wedding

What to do the week of your wedding

You’ve finally made it. It’s been months of prepping and planning and now it’s the week of your wedding. However, the work does not end quite yet.

The week of your wedding is busy. It’s your last chance to make sure everything is secured and plans are in place so that your day runs smoothly. However, in the chaos it’s easy to forget what still needs to get done. Here is a wedding checklist of things to do the week of your wedding to make sure your day is perfect:


 Have a full test-run of your look:

So far, you’ve probably had makeup trials, purchased shoes and secured your wedding gown. But have you put them all together? The week before your wedding is the perfect time to test-drive your wedding look from head to toe. This way, you can actually visualise how you will look and be able to fine-tune any aspects you are not pleased with so that the day of, you can just get dressed and go.

Break-in your shoes:

New shoes are great, but they can also be uncomfortable. If you’ll be wearing high-heels, make sure to give yourself a few days to break them in. Doing this will ensure you are as comfortable as possible on your big day.

Fine-tune the guest list:

At this point, everyone would have hopefully RSVP’ed. However, there are always people that leave things to the last minute. Now is the time to call people that have not responded to get definitive answers. You can then give the final headcount to hotels and caterers and let them take it from there. You can also then fine-tune the seating charts if need be.

Inspire your photographer and DJ:

If you have a specific vision for your wedding photographs, now is the time to let your photographer know. Send your photographer a list of the exact shots you want. Providing them with a mood board makes their job easier and also eases your concerns as you know you’ll get exactly what you want.

Don’t forget to make sure your DJ knows what song to play for your first dance, as well as what songs you’d like on the playlist. If you have specific songs in mind, provide them with a song list.

Have your engagement ring cleaned:

Your ring will be on show on your big day, so you better make sure it’s sparkling. Send your wedding ring in to be cleaned the week of your wedding to ensure that it is looking its best for all your photos.

Draw up a contact list and schedule:

Create a contact list of every service you’ll be making use of throughout your day, as well as a schedule of when they are meant to arrive and start working. Share the schedule with your bridal party so that they can help ensure everyone sticks to the timeline.

Confirm timelines and details:

It is easy to get wires crossed, especially if you are co-ordinating with many people. Liaise with your photographer, caterer, officiant, florists, cake makers, bartenders and everyone else you’ve hired to be a part of your day to make sure they know exactly when and where to arrive.

Write your speech:

If you will be writing your own vows, now is the time to finish them. Dedicate enough time to put your feelings into words. Once you’ve completed writing it, spend enough time learning your speech so that you are more comfortable actually saying it out loud.

Beautify yourself:

If you’re planning on having any treatments done prior to your wedding, do them three to five days before. This includes spray-tans, manicures and pedicures, dying or cutting your hair, facials, massages and waxing.

Pack an emergency kit:

You never know what you need until you need it. Pack an emergency kit to help solve any issues that may spring up. Things to put in your emergency kit include: a sewing kit, tissues, plasters, medication, gum or mints, deodorant and perfume, make-up wipes, a hairbrush and bobby pins, and a snack.


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