Now trending: The first honeymoon

Now trending: The first honeymoon

This year has been a tough one for the wedding world. Across the globe, couples are postponing their weddings as the COVID-19 pandemic worsens. A new trend has no emerged from this, in which couples are making the best of a bad situation.

Many couples are opting to still honour their original wedding date by going on honeymoon on a much smaller scale. Called the “first honeymoon”, they have decided that they don’t want to be sad on what would have been their wedding day, so they head out on a trip and celebrate it.

A first honeymoon is a shorter, more affordable, typically domestic and small-scale “honeymoon” on or around the original wedding date.

According to a recent survey by wedding planning website Zola, one-third of engaged couples plan to have a first honeymoon.

“We’ve had engagement moons, and mini-moons, but no one ever thought a first moon would be a thing,” said Zola spokesperson Hailey Murphy. “Couples are finding joy in that and still looking forward to these big weddings and big celebrations that we will hopefully be able to get back to sooner rather than later.”

The first honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to relax and take a break from the stress of life, especially welcomed now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate in many countries.

With so many travel restrictions in place, first honeymoons are best when they remain domestic. It is also important to maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene.

While international travel is open in South Africa, our local travel industry is in great need of financial support. Think local and book a trip to a nearby town or province to help the country get back on its feet.

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